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We believe that if we serve quality items using fresh ingredients, you’re going to like them and come back. We offer all this at reasonable prices.

Oven Warmed Sandwiches

Our bread is made fresh daily, with no preservatives or frozen dough. We slice all of our meats and cheeses, or own tomatoes and red onions. We use only crispy, fresh, green leaf lettuce.

Our prime steak is marinated in-store, 24 hrs before we freshly grill it for you.

All of our oven warmed sandwiches and wraps include lettuce, tomato, onions, our fabulous house dressing, and mayo. Choose your bread: White, Wheat, Low-Carb Wrap

Choruna – Ham, Chorizo, Oaxaca cheese

Sizzling combination of chorizo and smoked ham.

Charcelona – Ham, Mushrooms, Oaxaca cheese

Sauteed mushrooms piled high on smoked ham.

Chasturias – Turkey, Avocado, Oaxaca cheese

Fresh sliced avocado combined with smoked turkey.

Chalicia – Chicken and Oaxaca cheese

Juicy Chicken Breast and melted Oaxaca cheese.

Chileon – Chicken, Bell Peppers, Oaxaca cheese

Sauteed bell peppers atop a juicy chicken breast.

Chalamanca – Tuna Salad

– DELICIOUS- Not your typical tuna salad!

Chilbao – Mushrooms, Avocado, Oaxaca Cheese

Vegetarian never tasted so good.

Chalencia – Chicken Salad

Magnificently fresh chicken salad – A MUST TRY!

Chastellon – Turkey, Ham, Bacon, Oaxaca Cheese

Mmm, hmm – The meat lover’s dream.

Chevilla – Steak Fajita, Oaxaca Cheese

Hot-off-the-grill steak fajita covered with melted cheese. Get ready for complete satisfaction.

Chadiz – Steak Fajita, Bell Peppers, Oaxaca Cheese

Hot-off-the-grill steak fajita covered with roasted bell peppers and Oaxaca cheese. Put some sizzle in your sandwich.

Low Carb Wraps

Chicken and Cheese * Chicken, Bacon and Cheese * Chicken, Avocado and Cheese


Your choice of a CHICKEN or STEAK and cheese quesadilla or traditional quesadilla both served with our tasty Factory sauce.

Add avocado or sour cream for an additional charge.

Little Factory

All of the below come with a small drink and churro.

#20 – ½ Chicken Quesadilla or  #21 –Full Size Chicken Quesadilla

or #22 – Half of any of our delicious sandwiches

Frozen Treats

Premium Ice Cream Shakes

Available in Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Oreo and Cajeta

Factory Mixers

Vanilla Ice Cream mixed with your favorite topping
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups | M&M’s | Hershey Chocolate Chunks | Oreo Cookies

Churro Sundae

A warm traditional churro placed in a cup of vanilla ice cream and covered with Cajeta – DELICIOUS!

Ice Cream Float

Vanilla Ice cream mixed with your favorite fountain soda

Premium Soft Serve  Ice Cream

Also available in a cup or cone. Sinfully Indulgent! Now with 39 flavors!!


Our churros are made from wheat flour and other fine ingredients. They are prepared using no-cholesterol, trans-fat free vegetable oil.

They are a perfect and delicious combination of a crispy shell with a cake like interior. They could simply be rolled in cinnamon-sugar or filled with premium creams (our specialty). You’ll love them!

Hot Beverages

Fresh Coffee

Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream

Hot Tea

Cappuccino or  Café Latte

Flavor shots can be added to ANY of our drinks!
* Irish Cream * Almond * Hazelnut * Amaretto * French Vanilla * Caramel * Mocha * Cajeta

Cold Beverages


Ice blended coffee – YUM!

Iced Latte & Iced Mocha Latte

Fresh Melonade & Limeade – DELICIOUS

Fountain Sodas

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Sierra Mist, Big Red, Crush Orange, Fruit Punch and Root Beer.

Iced Tea – Freshly brewed sweet and unsweet tea

Bottled Water