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What Our Customers Say

Best churro ever! I’ve been knowing about this place for some time but never go to Town East. Fortunately, I had to go to Town East Mall today and glad I remembered this place (plus I had a BOGO coupon). I was hesitant about trying a filling since I use to eat them plain. The server suggested I get them on the side. I ended up love both the caramel & vanilla. I just ate my last churro tonight and knew the bread would be old and hard from this morning. Boy am I glad I was wrong. It is just as good as it was this morning. I will definitely have to start going to Town East more often.
Venus C., Sachse, TX

The best sandwiches around
Mitul P. Dallas,TX

I used to work at the churro factory a very nice place :D The Coworkers are awesome! I LOve The Vanilla & Strawberry Churros & the Choruna is my favorite sandwich !! The HOt Chocolate is Delicious! I SO recommend this place!!!!
Liz M. Dallas,TX

Gabriela B. Dallas, TX

Been here 57438 times and I’m always satisfied! My favorite is the chicken salad sandwich! Either way, this is the kind of place where anything you order… will be good!

I love the hazelnut churro and the hot peppers that they serve with the sandwich – sometimes they forget to put it on the side so just remind them! This place has gotten so popular that now if you call in ahead and put in your order they will come outside the mall (it’s located on the third floor/food court of Town East Mall) and deliver it to your car!

Jennifer S., Dallas, TX

I still can’t believe I drove from North Dallas just to eat here. But I did. And it was so worthy…

Churros are awesome!!! I had the caramel and the nutella, both excellent! Unfortunately is kind of far away but if I am ever near this place I will go back for sure! Btw it is IN the mall, upstairs in the food court. Why they don’t have more stores in other malls? Oh well…
Karla S., Dallas, TX

OMG, this restaurant need to be franchised over into my neighborhood malls (Fort Worth).

The sandwiches were great (I had the Chicken Salad), plus the churros (I got the Mexican Caramel filling) were fresh and also very tasty.
Russell R. Haltom City, TX

You guys need a stores in Arlington AND Dallas!!! Geez, your churros are ADDICTIVE!!
Brittney R, Arlington, TX (fb)